Blue Heelers The Australian Cattle Dog Puppies

AKC FEMALE - Zira 4 years- PRCD- A/B (IN SEASON NOW 3/30/19) $4500 Bred  $200 Pet with Spay Contract
Her Dam
Her Dam
AKC FEMALE - BARBI - 3 Years Clear by Parentage  $1500 Breeding  $200 Pet with Spay Contract

Sire and Dam both PRCD-A
AKC FEMALE - TANA Breeding Rights $1500 Breeding  $200 Pet with Spay Contract    4 YEARS 

  Her dam testing results PRCD/PRA:  "B" Carrier PLL:   Clear  "A"       Rcd4/Pra:  Clear  "A"

Her Sire Testing results PRCD/PRA:  Clear  "A"    PLL:   Clear  "A"    Rcd4/Pra:  Clear  "A"